How can Quantum Oracles Help Me?

Quantify the potential impact of quantum algorithms in your domain.

  • Security / Defence Applications
  • Quantum Hardware Comparisons
  • Quantitative Investment Algorithms
  • Performance bottlenecks on classical applications

Why Quantum Oracles?

  • We are world-leading quantum computing experts who have unique insight into the intersection between quantum software and hardware
  • Our complementary union between software and hardware expertise enables us to benchmark with accuracy and in a future-proofed way
  • QuO, our toolkit, automates the manual, repetitive tasks of quantum benchmarking, saving hours of experts time, and allows the quick vetting of potential quantum applications.

Features and Benefits

QuO allows you to write quantum `code' rather than crafting quantum circuits.

Input: Your algorithm specified in QuO

Output: Circuits and benchmarks against a range of potential future quantum devices.


Yuval Sanders

Yuval is a Canadian-Australian quantum physicist specialising in quantum computer science. He works on application-focussed quantum algorithms, analysis and mitigation of noise in quantum hardware, and various topics in fundamental quantum information science.

Alan Robertson

Alan is a PhD student at the University of Sydney. His research focuses on architecture aware quantum compilation, quantum error correction and characterising noise on quantum systems.